About Chaska Tours

Hola! A warm welcome from Chaska Tours in Peru! We are experts in tailor-made journeys throughout Peru and adventure treks in the Cusco region. We offer a different way of traveling through participatory tourism with local and indigenous communities, visiting Social projects and offering volunteer work that will give the customer amazing experiences. We organize exciting combined tours of Peru with Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.


Establish strategic alliances with our collaborators, work with innovative personnel, active, trained and committed to our Company's vision.


Being a leading company at the national level offering high quality services, creating unique travel experiences and working with criteria of responsible and sustainable tourism.

At Chaska Tours, we consistently promote and practice responsible tourism that benefits local indigenous communities and does not harm the environment.  We also employ the most professional bilingual guides, camp cooks, porters, and wranglers from local and indigenous communities. We always guarantee the highest level of service and quality for each of our programs.

Products & Services

  • Tailored tours for individual and groups visiting Unesco World Heritage sites, combining with cultural, adventure, ecotourism, mysticism, ethnic tours & humanitarian experiences
  • Luxury tours with awareness
  • Inka Trail and alternative treks: Huchuyqosqo, Lares, Salkantay, Choquequirao, Ausangate, etc.
  • Combination tours of Peru and countries like Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.

What we do

  • We advise our clients on places to visit, considering their age, interests and travel dates
  • We creates tailor-made travel itineraries with a variety of activities to suite our client’s preferences, such as archaeological, mystical, cultural, ecological, ethnic, gastronomical, adventurous and humanitarian visits.
  • We work hand in hand with local people, indigenous communities and social projects.
  • We handle all reservation details including domestic flights, hotels, and guides, etc.
  • We operate the Inca Trail and other adventure treks with our professional and caring staff.
  • Our in-office-staff and field-staff are paid fair wages according to the employment laws in Peru. They are a happy, professional staff ready and able to provide the best services.

What makes us different?

  • Chaska Tours offers a different way of traveling in the spirit of participatory tourism where travelers volunteer and the beneficiary meet in mutual respect.
  • We offer our clients the possibility to actively contribute to the less fortunate of our country by adding one or more social days into their tours to allow our customers to make a difference too.
  • Our goal is to give our customers long-lasting and loving memories of their holiday in Peru.


Rocio Valcarcel Rodriguez de Roos

The director, Rocio Valcarcel de Roos, originally from Cusco, started Chaska Tours in Cusco 20 years ago. She gained experience in tourism working within the hotel business, travel agencies and as a guide before taking the courage to start her own travel agency with the desire to provide a high level of service while coexisting with the indigenous communities from the area. Rocio has profound admiration for these communities and wishes to prevent tourism from interfering with their traditions and culture rich way of life. Her vision awarded her the "Best Project in Innovative Tourism" from the Peruvian government - PromPeru, Dircetur, Unesco, CID – Colectivo Integral de Desarrollo.

She loves traveling and uses her travel experience as an example, applying it to the operational sides of Chaska tours.

Rocio wrote a thesis named "Agentes externos que afectan la sostenibilidad cultural en las comunidades indígenas de Cusco. Caso especifico en la comunidad indígena de Huilloc," in English "External Agents effecting the cultural sustainability in the indigenous communities of Cusco. Special case the indigenous community of Huilloc (Sacred Valley)," and has petitioned her hopes for the indigenous communities to the Peruvian government. Rocio and Chaska Tours hope their recommendations will not fall on deaf ears, and some measures will be taken to protect the local people from losing their unique culture in the hotbed of tourism that has become our region.

 Rocio has a profound knowledge of the correct way to sustainably interact with the indigenous cultures of this region without detrimentally interfering with their way of life. This knowledge is funnelled through Chaska Tours and is the backbone of the daily practical operations in the company.