At Chaska Tours, we constantly promote and practice responsible
tourism that will benefit future generations and local indigenous
communities without damaging the environment.”
Aware of the negative impacts that produces our operation, our team,
support staff as official tourist guides and all of our passengers we are
committed to minimize the negative impacts to the environment and
indigenous communities fulfilling our Responsible Travel Policy and the
management of good practices in Chaska Tours.

We are aware in the consumption of water, electricity, paper and the proper management of solid waste with the support of entities specializing in recycling and disposal.

The sustainability of both environmental and cultural within our tourist activity must ensure that the impacts of this do not destroy our natural resources nor the historical continuity of the indigenous populations, by contributing to distort their habits, behaviors, customs, traditions or create identity conflicts.

We understand that the most vulnerable of the tourist attractions is the living culture of the indigenous communities, because it is exposed in an open market without having almost no policy of cultural preservation or conservation. Previous governments have not created regulated measures for their protection to conserve their language, customs and way of life and the Andean people run the risk of being lost gradually forever.
Sustainability in our tourist activity is: “ecologically bearable in the long term, economically viable and equitable from a social and ethical perspective for local communities and has to contribute to sustainable development, integrated into the natural environment, cultural and human, and must respect the fragile balance that characterizes many destinations and above all has to consider the effects for the induced effects on the cultural heritage and the elements, traditional and dynamic activities of local communities”.

It is clear that we must encourage, responsible tourism that ensures its cultural continuity with a strong sense of identity. Another objective of Chaska Tours is to contribute to the economic development of indigenous communities.