Experiential Tours in Peru

Our experiential programs will let you have a vacation full of living experiences. We firmly believe that participatory tourism with local people and people from indigenous communities will allow the tourist to get a much deeper knowledge of Peru’s rich cultural diversity and ancestral history.

Experience another reality of life in Peru

In the mountains (Andes highlands) and in the jungle of Peru, there are many indigenous communities. These communities save the dates, of much ancient knowledge of traditional medicine, ancient techniques of agriculture, textile art, carved in stone, Andean religion, food and other super experiences. We also offer customers an opportunity to visit a social project where they will experience another reality of life in Peru.
Some programs visit social projects and non-profit organizations whose objective is to help children affected by family violence, orphans, abandoned children or young single mothers.

For us, a visit to a social project means "a travel gift", because it sometimes changes our lives, by helping us appreciate everything we have at the moment. You could say that this experience opens the heart and makes us more compassionate. There are many who have nothing in life, but thanks to social projects, they find an opportunity to achieve their dreams filled with love and happiness. The love we give to the needy is very valuable which helps them out of their times of sorrow. Their life experiences help us appreciate our own lives much more.
These precious shared moments with them is mutually beneficial, full of love and respect. You could leave a voluntary donation that is either monetary or buy something necessary such as food or other items for the children. Your heartfelt donation is voluntary and not mandatory.


Likewise, we help the passengers who want to volunteer for a week, a month or longer find suitable social projects according to their schedule. These experiences bring forth personal growth. You do not have to pay to volunteer and the only expense is for your room and food. In these social projects you share everything they have while you are volunteering. All volunteers receive discounts.
We can also arrange volunteer work to realize small projects within social projects or another community that needs economic aid and support to build bathrooms, conservatory, library, projects to install portable water, reforestation, etc. We look for small projects where the investment is minimal and short-term, e.g. a week. We ask a professional to supervise the project, and to be responsible for the work development. Being able to help with something they know will be very useful for social or community projects, that will be full of joy and satisfaction.
These volunteer jobs are intended for those looking for a vacation full of living experiences, students, professionals, etc., who want to share their knowledge and want to leave something valuable behind for the community.