Peru Treks: what to bring

Packing list for the Inca Trail

4 day Inca trail

Carrying your own backpack
Mules and horses, etc aren't permitted on the Inca trail. You will need a backpack which to put all your clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping matt and personal items. We suggest taking trekking poles to help you on your trek (rubber tips). Using poles spreads the work throughout your whole body. Keep your personal items to a minimum and try to keep the total weight under 7 kg (15 pounds).

Hire a personal porter
You can hire a porter to carry all your equipment. We will provide duffle bags which you will need to pack the night before the trek. Pack all your clothes, sleeping bags, sleeping matts and any other equipment (no more than 14kg (31 lbs). This weight can be shared by 2 or 3 people. Please do not go over this weight or we will be fined by the ministry of tourism. You will then only need to bring a small back-pack which you will use to carry all your personal items, snacks & water, etc..

Remember that if you do not hire a personal porter to carry your equipment then you will have to carry your backpack around Machu Picchu during your tour. If you hire a porter they will take your equipment to a pre-selected restaurant or hotel in Aguas Calientes, organized by your guide.

Please note: Porters also need a permit for entering the Inca trail and we will need to buy this permit at the same time your permits. Therefore you will need to inform us at the time of reservation if you wish to hire a porter.

Other Treks (Salkantay, Lares & Choquequirao)

We use horses, mules and lamas to carry all the equipment for alternative treks. 
A duffle bag will be provided at your pre-trek briefing the night before your trek departure in which you can put all your clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping matt and any other equipment of no more than 7kg. 
You will need to bring one small back-pack in which you will carry all your personal items, snacks & water, etc.

Recommended Packing List for all treks:


  • 1 poly/fleece (wind stopper) jacket
  • 1 poly/fleece light weight sweater
  • 1 lightweight long sleeved shirt (optional) 2-3 T-shirts
  • 1 rain poncho (preferable) or rain jacket


  • 1 pair wind/rain pants (Gore-tex or similar)
  • 1 pair lightweight cotton pants (loose jeans/khakis)
  • 1 lightweight fleece pants

Foot & hand wear

  • 4 pairs wool or synthetic socks
  • 1 pair of (used) trekking boots
  • 1 pair of wool or fleece gloves


  • 1 wool or fleece hat
  • 1 sunhat
  • 1 pair sun glasses that provide good UV protection


  • Documents (Passport / ISIC cards)
  • 1 sleeping bag (rated -10 C / -14 F)
  • 1 good (day) backpack
  • 1 or 2 walking sticks
  • 1 headlamp (preferable) or torch
  • 1 pocket knife
  • 1 lighter for toilet paper
  • 1 water bottle (non-throwaway)
  • sun block
  • 1 lip balm (spf 16)
  • insect repellent
  • small towel and soap
  • swimsuit for Hot Springs
  • toiletry kit
  • toilet paper
  • personal medicines


  • camera and extra memory cards
  • spare battery for your camera
  • bathing suit (for the hot springs in Aguas Calientes)
  • binoculars
  • extra blanket (especially Lares trek)

What to put in your daypack
Small day pack, sleeping bag, sleeping matt (provided by us), personal belongings. water bottle (non disposable), drinking water will be provided by the cooks at meal times but can also be bought en route, warm sweater, broad-brim or peaked cap, sun protection cream, insect repellent, toilet paper, selection of small snacks for the day etc, camera, lightweight plastic poncho just in case of rain (can be bought in Cusco for around US$ 2)