Responsible travel

A responsible travel policy is as good as a great travel adventure.
We are conscious that tourism is beneficial for the host population, but at the same time we are aware that tourism can also cause negative impact in local communities and environment if we don’t manage it properly.
As a responsible and environmentally friendly company we are committed to operate minimizing the negative impact, so that our journeys are sustainable in the long term and contribute with the economical development to the host communities.

Care for the local Culture and their inhabitants

We encourage awareness during our journeys, so that our clients travel with principles of responsible tourism. The impact to the inhabitant's culture is highly sensitive.

Principles of Responsible Tourism.

Before your trip, our travel specialists, our operations team and our guides always, inform about the importance of traveling responsibly so that they can help us minimize the impact of our presence. Here are some examples:

When you arrive at your destination, always try to adapt to the local customs without imposing your habits and lifestyle.
Although, you have paid for your vacation, respect the norms of each place. You don't want exceptional privileges or treatment nor adopt arrogant, provocative nor offensive behavior.
Establish a friendly, cordial relationship with the local community, without prejudices nor previous stereotypes.
Do not leave your imprints in the place visited. Do not leave garbage, take it with you and dispose it in a proper container.
Do not take pieces of the natural and archaeological sites.

In nature, try to follow the trails. Do not disturb the animals or destroy the flora.
The people are not part of your tour. Always, ask for permission to photograph them.
Support the cultural events, products and local handicrafts.
Savor and taste the local gastronomy.
Turn of the gas, air conditioner or heat and the lights when you leave your room. You will be contributing to saving water and energy, scarce resources on this planet.

Care for the environment

Chaska Tours, in each moment is aware of the importance of protecting the environment. We take precautions to conserve and protect the eco systems, the wildlife, and all its habitat, especially when we operate our treks and when we visit indigenous communities and when visiting the Amazon. We make sure not to leave waste on our treks, nor contaminate the water streams, use biodegradable and we work with preference with hotels and other vendors that share the same idea.

Care for the animals

In most of our treks, we use mules, horses and llamas. We assure to work with responsible wranglers that care and feed conveniently their animals. We are also conscious of the limit of weight that the animals can carry. They are part of our experience during our tour and we should worry and care for them.

Support the local economy

Our business benefits the local economy and also benefits our customers because our authentic programs enrich their trip and leave them with a unique and unforgettable experience.
In our programs we integrate unique activities with indigenous communities and local villages, as well we use their lodging and food services. We hire local guides, cooks, porters and wranglers from indigenous communities and train them. We encourage to buy handicrafts directly form the local people.