Terms and conditions BAKU-EU-Tour

Useful Contacts
Tour Leader: 
David Kerans +1 201-204-9433 kerans@hotmail.com
Chaska Tours Sales Department: Doris Freire: +1-415-992-6417 travel-consultant3@chaskatours.com
Claudia Gomez: +1-415-992-6414 travelconsultant4@chaskatours.com  

Chaska Tours Department of Operations: 
Rosselin Rodriguez (mobile, 24 hours): +51 984 93 81 46 (English and Spanish spoken) operaciones@chaskatours.com
Orquidea Orellana (Mobile, 24 hrs): +51 959 00 68 99 (English and Spanish spoken) programacion@chaskatours.com 
Chaska Tours Office: +51 (84) 24 04 24 

Some Notes on Conditions in Baku
Currency: all circulation is in the Azerbaijan Manat. US dollars are convertible at banks.
Credit cards: most institutions accept major credit cards
Cell phone service: major US carriers do function in Azerbaijan, but travelers are advised to confirm conditions and prices with their providers in advance. Alternatively, this site offers advice on obtaining temporary service with an Azerbaijan provider: https://www.angloinfo.com/azerbaijan/how-to/page/azerbaijan-housing-setting-up-home-mobile-phones 


Terms and Conditions BAKU Tour

We accept bookings by e-mail together with 100% of the total package price per person paid into our bank account within 48 hours of the time of reservation. Once we have received your reservation details and the payment then your confirmation will be sent to you, which will include: confirmation of your trip; pre-departure information; and a receipt for the payment received. All reservations must include the necessary information below (It is the client’s responsibility that all the personal information is correct):

Please complete and send the following details for each traveler:

  • Name (as written in your passport):
  • Passport number:
  • Date of birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Home address:
  • Work address:
  • Home phone number:
  • Work Phone number:
  • Mobile number:
  • Emergency contact for duration in Azerbaijan:
  • Contact phone number:
  • Contact email:

Each client has to send his/her personal information correctly. Chaska Tours is not responsible for erroneous data and any difficulties, cancellations or additional charges that may arise.

To coordinate your Baku arrival and departure we also need to know your international flight details:

  • Arrival date:
  • Arrival time:
  • Airline:
  • Flight number:
  • Departure date:
  • Departure time:
  • Airline:
  • Flight number:

Each client is responsible for sending the correct arrival and departure times of his/her national and international flights to Chaska Tours in order for us to arrange transit between the airport and the hotel.
Any errors in booking data or incorrect information of arrivals are the responsibility of the client.


Payment Deadlines:

Pre-payment of 100% must be received at the time of booking within 48 hours of the time of booking. If payment is NOT received within 48 hours of making the reservation, then we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

Payment methods:

Chaska Tours accepts Paypal or wire transfers. Wire transfers qualify for a 3% discount to the price of the tour, applicable to advance payment as well as final payment. Chaska's bank account details:

Bank details:
Bank account number USD$ : 285-1924347-1-44 
Beneficiary: CHASKA TOURS E.I.R.L. 

It is important to use the SWIFT code. You should be able to arrange this with your local bank easily. 

Address of the bank:

Package Price:
The package price is listed in Euros and per person. The price will be confirmed in your confirmation of reservation.

Package price does not include:

  • Air travel to and from Baku
  • Meals, other than hotel breakfasts and other meals specified in itinerary
  • Tips
  • Any additional services
  • Excess luggage fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance - We recommend all passengers arrange travel insurance.


Reservation of flights through Chaska Tours:

  • Although air travel to and from Baku is not included in the tour package price, Chaska Tours can reserve flights for tour customers. Flight tickets are subject to 100% payment immediately upon confirmation of reservations.
  • Cancellations of airline tickets are according to the cancellation policies of the specific airline you will use for your flights. In case of cancellation or flight changes, Chaska Tours will charge USD $25.00 for each ticket for administration costs.
  • The fee to change the name of a passenger's airline ticket reservation for the tour is USD $100. 
  • For re-bookings, reservations are subject to current availability and pricing at the time of re-booking. 


Chaska Tours accepts only written cancellations. E-mail your cancellation including your full name and and reservation code.
If you do not receive our confirmation within 48 hours, call our office to make sure your cancellation was received. We will apply the terms of cancellation based on the date that we received your written cancellation.

  • cancellation made before August 1st incurs a loss of 70% of the total price.
  • cancellation made from August 1st or later incurs a loss of 100% of the total price.
  • A ‘no-show’ incurs a loss of 100% of the total price.
  • cancellation of flights: Once payment is received, airline tickets will be purchased and are fully non-refundable. Chaska Tours will charge USD $ 50.00 administration costs for any ticket change, additional to any costs charged by the airline.


Changes and Refunds

  • Passengers who voluntarily give up any service included in the program will not receive any kind of refund.
  • Chaska Tours reserves the right to alter the program.
  • Changes to  existing reservations, for whatever cause, incur a USD $50 administration fee per person plus any additional supplier fees. This includes date changes* and removal of any services such as optional tours and transfers.
  • Name changes to airline reservations are subject to full cancellation and re-booking.

Airline Name Changes:

  • Any name change including minor spelling corrections may require airline reservations to be canceled and re-booked. Reservations are subject to current availability and pricing at the time of re-booking. Penalties may apply, according to the airline's policies.
  • Chaska Tours will charge a USD $ 50.00 administrative fee for any ticket change.


Late Payment

  • If there is any outstanding balance by the Final Payment Due date listed on your invoice, all travel services will be subject to automatic cancellation.
    A service reinstatement fee of USD $50 will be added to your invoice and must be paid in advance in order to apply for reconfirmation of services.

We DO NOT provide any travel insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain adequate personal travel insurance before traveling to Azerbaijan.
The insurance must include personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of personal effects, repatriation costs and any other expenses which may arise as a result of loss, damage, injury or inconvenience to the client.
We STRONGLY recommend to include coverage in case you need to cancel your holiday.
Please bring a copy of the insurance policy document with you.
If a client is taken ill we will do all that is necessary to get them the proper treatment, including evacuation and/or hospitalization if necessary BUT THESE COSTS WILL HAVE TO BE ASSUMED BY THE INDIVIDUAL CLIENT.

As an indication of the price of travel insurance to Azerbaijan, Direct Travel Services in the UK currently offers standard policies covering two weeks of travel in Azerbaijan for about USD $50.00. These policies are designed to cover essential medical, hospital and evacuation / medical repatriation costs for most situations travelers might to encounter.
Thet are not comprehensive holiday insurance packages, nor do they offer some fancy add-ons such as public liability insurance which other policies do.
Make sure to read the policy before purchasing insurance. 


It is the responsibility of each client to bring whatever specific medications they need. 


Limited Responsibility

Chaska Tours is not responsible for additional expenses caused by loss, theft, injury, damage, accident, malfunctions, cancellations, delays or any other unforeseen events. Please note that itineraries are subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen and unusual events beyond the company’s control, including weather conditions, flight delays, buses & train problems, political disputes or similar. We will do our best in these circumstances to re-accommodate you to your best interests. All such losses or expenses will be the responsibility of the customer - we therefore recommend having insurance to cover any of the events mentioned above. Any unused activities or benefits which are included in your package are non-refundable.

Changes by Chaska Tours
Chaska Tours reserves the right to change prices at any time of flights, accommodations and tours or other arrangements.