Peruvian World Heritage Sites
Lima, Nazca, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machupicchu, Manu


On this unique tour you will visit and live the UNESCO delegated world heritage places in Peru. Journey through time visiting the pre–Inca and Inca archeological sites, National Parks, Historical centers, and fly over the Nazca Lines, and visiting the jungle with its nature and wildlife. A terrific time enjoying the different cultures and sites now visible to the world.
20 days – 19 nights
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Arrive to Lima

Lima City Tour

Caral Full Day

Lima – Nazca

Nazca Lines Over flight – Bus to Lima

Lima / Cusco – City Tour

Sacred Valley Tour

Sacred Valley / Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu

Second Day Visit of Machupicchu + Huaynapicchu or Machupicchu Mountain Peak - Cusco

Free day in Cusco

Cusco – Manu (Must be on a Monday in group service) Cusco To The Mountains Of Manu Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest To Rainforest

Rainforest To Cocha Salvador

Cocha Salvador To Rainforest

Rainforest Lodge To Manu Wildlife Centre Lodge

Manu Wildlife Centre

Manu Wildlife Centre

Manu Wildlife Centre

Manu Wildlife Centre

Lima / International Flight


The Manu National Park closes in February due to the rainy season but the rest of the year it is open. The best time to visit is between April and November, during the dry season. The heavy rainy season is from February to March.


Lima, Nazca, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machupicchu, Manu

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Arrive in the Lima airport and our staff will be waiting to transfer you to your hotel in the exclusive Miraflores district.

Overnight in Lima
No meals included.

On this day you will get to know the historic city of Lima, which was founded on January 18, 1535 by the conqueror Francisco Pizarro and was considered, for almost three centuries, as the Vice-Royal Capital of South America. This fantastic city is nowadays an immeasurable mix of cultures, ethnicities, races and bloods. A festival of colors and customs, an immense wealth of folklore and Creole, between the ancient and the modern.

We first visit Lima’s Historical Center, which was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1988, and a Cultural Patrimony in 1991. Then, we will visit the colonial sites of the Plaza Mayor, the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral, the Archibishop’s Palace. Right after we visit the San Francisco Monastery and Catacombs.

We continue to modern section and visit the suburbs of San Isidro and Miraflores. On our way we will pass by the Huaca Pucllana, a pre-Inca pyramid shaped temple. We will visit the Parque del Amor (Lovers Park) and enjoy refreshing views of the Pacific Ocean as we drive down to the Miraflores Malecon, a road overlooking the ocean.

Afterwards return to your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

Overnight in Lima
Breakfast included.

Today we will have a full day excursion to Caral. This ancient city is an exceptional testimony of the Caral civilization, the oldest in the Americas, developed five thousand years ago, almost simultaneously with those of Mesopotamia, Egypt and India. It is a unique laboratory in the Americas, because of its great age, for research into the formation of the State; the urban way of life; social distinction and hierarchies, the roles of trade and the importance of religion in the social organization; aspects that can be compared with the other centers of civilization in the Americas and in the world with which it was contemporary.

UNESCO delegated Caral as a world heritage in 2009. It is located 190 km (120 miles) north of Lima in a lush valley. Its stone pyramids, plazas and residential buildings spreads out over 150 acres of desert.

Overnight in Lima
Breakfast and lunch included.

Have you heard about the Nazca Civilization and their famous mommies, pottery and geoglyphs etched into the ground? Today we will take a 7-hour bus ride to Nazca to get to know this enigmatic site next morning. You cannot miss this experience!

Upon arrival you will be transferred to your hotel. Enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

Overnight in Nazca
Breakfast included.

This morning transfer to the airport for the over flight of the mysterious Nazca Lines. These designs are believed to have been made by the Nazca Culture between 400 and 650AD. Be in awe with the mysterious lines of animals such as a monkey, hummingbird, plants, and geographic shapes. The Nazca Lines were declared by UNESCO a world heritage in 1994.
Afterwards, return to your hotel and relax or walk around town. Board your bus back to Lima.

Note: After your flight you can visit the Chauchilla Cemetery and tour the many tombs containing pottery and human remains. Available only for private Service. Please ask your Travel Consultant for this additional excursion.

Overnight in Lima
Breakfast included.

This morning transfer to the airport for your flight to Cusco.

You will high up in the Peruvian Andes to Cusco, once the capital of the Incas Empire where you will learn more about the Andean culture as the city itself represents the center of indigenous Quechua culture. After you arrive our staff will be waiting to transfer you to your hotel.

In the afternoon your guide will meet you to visit the Inca city delegated by UNESCO as a world heritage in 1983.
First we will visit the Cathedral of Cusco on the Plaza de Armas and continuously the temple of Qoricancha, also known as the temple of the Sun. After these visits, we will continue to the upper part of Cusco to visit several archaeological sites. The first stop will be at Sacsayhuaman, a ceremonial complex of the Incas. We will also visit Qenqo, Puka Pukara and Tambomachay. At the end, we will return to Cusco and drop you off at your hotel

Note: In private service you will first have a tour by foot through the city, visiting Qoricancha the Inca Sun Temple, the Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral, enjoying the atmosphere of the city by observing the well-preserved colonial architecture that conserves Incas original stone walls, evidence of a rich and complex history. We will continue our way until we get to San Pedro Central Market where the locals shop for Andean grains, fruits, natural medicine plants and more. Afterwards, drive up above Cusco for a visit of the spectacular Sacsayhuaman Inca complex with stupendous stonework, Qenko a place of rituals and then we will visit Sulca Textile Art Museum to see the lovely textiles made by hand.

Overnight in Cusco
Breakfast included.

This will be a full day tour where you will enjoy the varied landscapes of the beautiful Río Urubamba Valley, known as “Valle Sagrado de los Incas”, along the way we can see attractive colonial towns and isolated villages of indigenous communities that continue their tradition for weaving, pottery and agriculture. Main attractions will be the handicraft markets and the lofty Inca citadels, it is definitely the perfect match between a cultural experience, the andean sunlight and delicious typical food. We have the option so visit the famous Pisac Colorful Indian market to see the handicrafts and taste delicious empanadas baked in huge typical ovens or other local handicraft markets along the valley. We will visit Pisac archeological site above the town for a visit of the Sun Temple and admire the many surrounding terraces. We will continue to Urubamba to enjoy lunch, then off to one of the original Inca towns of Ollantaytambo to be amazed by the Incas remains that sit in front of the quaint town.

After a wonderful day you will get to your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day.

Overnight in Sacred Valley
Breakfast and lunch included.

This morning you will ride on the train from Ollantaytambo with breathtaking views to Aguas Calientes. You will check into your hotel and then take the bus to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

In your way up to the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu you will have spectacular views from the Mountains and the typical flora and fauna of the mysterious Cloud Forest.

It is highly recommended to have lunch in Sanctuary Lodge Restaurant located in the entrance of the Citadel, enjoying the atmosphere of this magical place and then have a quiet guided tour after noon, with less crowds and the chance to see the amazing sunrise.

With your Official guide you will visit the enigmatic Citadel of Machu Picchu following a specific route where you will walk through the different sectors such as the Urban and Ceremonial and other places of interest. You will also have time for taking memorable pictures. We are sure that this will be a unique experience!

The Citadel of Machu Picchu was declared by UNESCO a world heritage in 1983. It is believed to have been built in the 15th century and abandoned by the Inca Empire when the Spaniards conquered them. The locals always knew about the Inca citadel and some locals lived around it. The citadel was brought to the world’s attention in 1911. Visit the Sun Temple, the Room of the Three Windows, the Royalty sector and more.

Note: New regulations have been stablished for the visit to Machu Picchu since 2019, according to these statements there are certain schedules for the visit, with the Machu Picchu ticket you can stay 4 hours as maximum in the Citadel. Please notice that Machu Picchu is open from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Overnight in Aguas Calientes
Breakfast and lunch included.

Today based on your choice you could climb the Huayna Picchu or the Machu Picchu Mountain Peak. This short trek inside the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu will make your day spectacular! You will hike up through Inca’s original paths that will lead you towards magical places within the Cloud Forest. With every step you will get fascinated by the beautiful views of the famous Andean Mountains. You can have a taste of the real Inca Trail doing this trek and appreciate the architectonic magnificence of the Incas. You have to see it with your own eyes!.

Return to Aguas Calientes and enjoy lunch on your own. Then board your train to the Poroy station. Private transfer to your hotel in Cusco.

Note: Tickets are subject to availability. There are schedules for the visit to one of the Mountains, with the Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu tickets you can stay inside the Park for 6 hours and with the Machu Picchu + Machu Picchu Mountain Peak ticket for 7 hours maximum. Please notice that the visit for one of the mountains has a moderate grading that requires a good physical condition although effort is well worth it! You should be aware that the Huayna Picchu hike is easier and takes less time than Machu Picchu Mountain Peak.

Overnight in Cusco
Breakfast included.

Today enjoy a free day in Cusco visiting museums or simply walking down the picturesque streets around the City center. You can get to know the typical neighborhoods of San Cristobal and San Blas where Artisans congregate their shops and galleries, the cheerful and energy of this walk will make you feel the real essence of the City.

It will be a great chance to do shopping as Cusco is well known for its world-famous Alpaca wood clothing not only for their quality but for their design, also you will find Silver and gold shops for fine jewelry and a great offer for handicrafts.

At the end of the afternoon, we recommend you to make a stop to drink a refreshing and delicious Pisco Sour, Peru’s National cocktail. All around Cusco’s city center you will find numerous Bars, Cafes and Restaurants to have a taste of the Peruvian cuisine within a nice atmosphere.

Overnight in Cusco
Breakfast included.

First day of Manu excursion
Today we start our journey to the Manu National Park delegated by UNESCO a world heritage in 1987.
We depart Cusco after breakfast around 7:00 am traveling through traditional Quechua communities with spectacular views of the eastern range of the Andes to the village of Paucartambo. Admire the snow capped peaks and small Andean farmsteads. Enjoy sometime visiting the plaza.

We continue to ascend to the last pass overlooking the Amazon Basin and begin the breath taking descent from 3500 meters to 1600 meters above sea-level to our comfortable lodge in the orchid laden Cloud Forest. This is a beautiful journey passing cascading waterfalls and multicolored birds along the way. In the late afternoon, we’ll walk into the lodge to the sounds of Quetzals, Trogons and Gray-breasted Wood-Wrens.

Overnight at Lodge
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Second day of Manu excursion
Before breakfast we walk to a nearby spot in the Cloud Forest where the strange and beautiful Cock-of-the-Rock displays at dawn. A delightful sight, as up to 25 bright red-orange males dance and sing, attempting to attract the favors of the duller, burgundy colored females. After visiting this lek we return to the Lodge for a leisurely breakfast and continue in our all terrain bus to the Madre de Dios River and our motorized dugouts and we begin our journey down the river, past the last folds of the Andes down the Madre de Dios River to its confluence with the Manu River.

On our way, we’ll pass may settlements and native communities. Just before we get to the village of Boca Manu we pass the native community of Diamante, which belong to the Piro and is the largest settlement of Amerindians in the area. We will reach clay laden waters of the Manu River and check in at the park ranger station at Limonal to present our permits and may visit an overgrown oxbow lake where many Parrots and Macaws come in to roosting the late afternoon. We travel another hour to our destination – Our Rainforest Lodge situated close the banks of the Manu River. We are now deep in the pristine Manu National Park and Rainforest.

Overnight at Lodge.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Third day of Manu excursion
This morning we head upriver – as deep into the park as allowed, to Cocha Salvador. Beaches, especially in the dry season, are loaded with nesting birds and feeding Herons, Egrets, Orinoco Geese, Terns and Skimmers to name but a few. Some beaches will host sunning White and Black Caimans (South American relatives of the Alligators) and breeding Side-necked Turtles. Hundreds of Sand-colored Nightjars roost during the day on logs and beaches and there is a chance of encountering a sunning Jaguar – the world’s third largest cat. You will see some species of primate on this river trip, possibly Colombian Red Howler Monkeys or the smaller Black-headed Squirrel Monkeys.

At Cocha Salvador some of the time will be spent canoeing the lake on a floating catamarans observing ox-bow lake animal life from the water. If we are lucky we may encounter an Agami Heron or a Sungrebe and Shock-headed & Large-headed Capuchin Monkeys are usually feeding on fruits nearby. Specially constructed piers that jut out into the lake enable us to look for a family of Giant Otters that live here. These, the world’s largest freshwater carnivores, remain common only in Manu, having been hunted to extinction throughout most of their former range.

Overnight in Aguaje Tented Camp or the Casa Machiguenka.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Fourth day of Manu excursion
This morning we will have time to explore the trails in the area and a visit to the lake of Cocha Otorongo is planned, where observation piers and a 20-meter observation tower in the rainforest canopy overlooking the lake are available for observing wildlife. Then we will explore the plant and tree life is astounding and we’ll take a look at some of the medicinal plants used by indigenous peoples in the area. Be on the lookout for a large family of Giant Otters that inhabit this lake. In the afternoon we’ll boat back to the Lodge, to a refreshing shower, snacks and iced drinks.

Overnight in Rainforest Lodge
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Fifth day of Manu excursion
After breakfast we can explore the trail system at the lodge in the morning before heading downriver river to Manu Wildlife Centre Lodge. The afternoon we can relax or, if you want, to explore a trail through the untouched forest to a canopy platform and an observation tower. The canopy platform is accessible via a spiral staircase so everyone can get to enjoy the rainforest canopy.

If you are up to it you can participate in a night walk with your guide in search of nocturnal animals and visit the Tapir Lick. Tapirs, the largest South American land mammal is a frequent visitor with up to 12 animals visiting in one night. We watch them from the comfort of mosquito nets and mattresses from our specially constructed blind. Other nocturnal creatures are always possible.

Overnight at Manu Wildlife Centre.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Sixth day of Manu excursion
Today we explore trails where groups of Manakins, perhaps the most enigmatic of neo-tropical birds, perform their strange mating dances. We may want, to explore a trail through the untouched forest to a lookout point on a cliff over the river to watch roosting flights of Parrots and Macaws as the sun sets. Then an excursion for those who wish perhaps to do the canopy tower or walk along quite trails looking for primates such as Emperor and Wedell’s Saddleback Tamarins, and we have seen the rare Goeldi’s Monkey repeatedly in this area.

Overnight at the Manu Wildlife Centre
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

7 & 8 day of Manu excursion
You will have 2 full days to explore the forest and trails around the lodge. One morning we’ll make an early start for the Blanqullio Macaw Clay Lick. This is truly one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles as hundreds of Parrots and their larger relatives, the Macaws, congregate at this traditional locality to eat the mineral rich clay that is essential to their digestion. We’ll use a comfortable blind (hide) to get close to the birds and breakfast will be served. The noise alone is incredible and the sight of these brightly colored birds at the lick is a sight not to be forgotten. As the lick slows down in midmorning we’ll head back to the lodge for lunch and a siesta.

We’ll be on the lookout for Gray’s Bald-faced Saki Monkey, an uncommon and rarely seen monkey of the terra firme forest that is occasionally seen here. One morning we’ll take an excursion for those who wish perhaps to the canopy tower or along quite trails looking for primates and the strange Pale-winged Trumpeter we have seen repeatedly in this area.

One morning we’ll head for Cocha Blanco, an old ox-bow lake, in search of a family of Giant Otters that live there, and canoe around the lake on our floating platform looking for other wildlife, including the bizarre Hoatzin. Here too are groups of Black Spider and Capuchin Monkeys.

Each day we’ll take leisurely lunch at the lodge with time of to swing in hammocks or watch the multicolored Hummingbirds’ coming to the Butterfly bushes and feeders in the garden. We’ll explore other trails and perhaps enjoy a last rainforest sunset.

Overnight at the Manu Wildlife Centre.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Last day of Manu excursion
Early morning start as flocks of birds pass over the boat, and we may see a Capybara, the world’s largest rodent. Our destination Boca Colorado, a frontier gold rush town, where we’ll take local transport for an hour to the Inambari river and by paved road to Puerto Maldonado in order to catch the afternoon Commercial LAN Airbus flight to Lima.

On arrival in the afternoon in Lima transfer to your hotel to relax after a long journey through nature with wildlife.

Overnight in Lima
Breakfast included.

Today it is time to say goodbye to wonderful Peru and its inhabitants. Transfer to the airport for your international flight.

Breakfast included.
End of Services Good bye!.


Hotels included:
5 nights in Lima, 1 night in Nazca, 3 nights in Cusco, 1 night in the Sacred Valley, 1 night in Aguas Calientes, 8 nights in Manu (Amazon Jungle)

Entrance tickets:
All entrance tickets for the places to visit mentioned in the program

All excursions mentioned in the program

Professional English/Spanish Speaking Guides

Roundtrip bus tickets and entrance tickets to the Sanctuary + second day visit Huayna Picchu if available or Machu Picchu Mountain Peak

Meals as mentioned in program

Train to Machupicchu (Expedition roundtrip)

Not Included

International and Domestic flights.
Flight Taxes.
Travel Insurance.
Anything not mentioned in program.


To visit Manu boots are necessary, they are provided but you are free to bring your own.
Vaccinations: In the Manu National Park there are no reports of cases of yellow fever and malaria,
however if you want to spend more time in tropical places it is better to consult your doctor.


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