Why Travel Local ?

Why book with a Local Operator?

With an incredible wealth of cultural and historical treasures, Peru is the jewel of South America.

Booking a trip to a foreign country can be daunting experience, and there are countless agents and tour operators that can assist you with planning your vacation. Some travelers choose large online agencies and tour operators, but more and more savvy travelers are dealing directly with local operators for a number of different reasons.

Get in contact with the direct supplier

The primary reason is that dealing directly with a local operator provides a better value when compared to bookings that involve intermediaries. Before the internet revolutionized the travel industry, many local tour operators in places like Peru could only be booked through a third-party agency, avoiding chances for direct communication with them. Nowadays the most discerning travelers prefer to deal with operators directly, not only for the better value, but also because they know that they will receive more personalized and high-quality service.

Tailor made journeys

Travelers can book one of Chaska Tours’ many prearranged itineraries, or contact our expert sales team to plan a customized vacation, most of them have traveled extensively throughout Peru.

Whether you are looking to visit Machu Picchu, the Titicaca lake, Choquequirao, or any other of Peru’s magnificent attractions, Chaska Tours offers the expertise and personalized service to help you create a spectacular trip. We have tailored short trips from just a few days and journeys of 35 days for a total Peru immersion.

Our experience

With 16 years of service in the business of tourism, Chaska Tours is one of Peru’s premier agents and operators, offering a wide variety of tailor-made tours, adventure treks, cultural tours, and eco-tours. Chaska Tours stands out for their commitment to the preservation of cultural attractions, sustaining local culture, and supporting of indigenous communities. Chaska Tours visits popular tourist areas as well as those that are off the beaten path, providing a complete view of the local culture to enrich even more the travel experience.