Chaska Tours Project for the Integration of Ipads

A new generation of young people for whom technology is an integral part of their lives that connects them to the outside world, empowering them both personally and professionally.

MISSION: Educate children on the use of tablet devices and integrate them into daily teaching to facilitate learning

Classes from Monday to Friday, 2:30-5pm, outside of state school hours using tablet devices to support classes already being taught at Picaflor House such as English, math, reading comprehension.

To provide a child-friendly and stimulating play and learning environment to the local school children To teach basic computer skills to children who would otherwise not have access to technology To facilitate learning of difficult concepts such as math and reading comprehension through innovative applications designed for To provide employment to Peruvian nationals.

Train and employ Peruvian staff to teach the classes using Ipads to ensure continuity

Once the Project for the Integration of Ipads is established at Picaflor house, Chaska Tours wants to roll-out simular projects at other non profit organisations in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Chaska Tours has three other organisations
listed to be integrated in 2015.
The Experience built at Picaflor house will serve to even better integrate the Ipads at other locations.

Picaflor house plans in coordination with Chaska Tours, to continue its operation indefinitely through donations from Chaska Tours and Picaflor House. In order to ensure the security of the Tablet Devices we plan to purchase hard covers
for each of them to prevent breakage as well as install additional security on the storage room to avoid potential theft.
We also plan to continue collaborating with Chaska Tours to ensure the sustainability of this project and its success.

Thanks to Globalteer Development Managers Eliza Wethey and Annie Irving for their valuable input.
Here a short video about Picaflor made by Sabrina Gust who did her apprenticeship at Chaska tours:
Video of Picaflor NGO

Apps we want to use on the Ipads:

(These will link you to app on the Itunes store)

  • Times Tables Pro
  • Math Drills
  • Multi Flow
  • Long Multiplication
  • Sentence Builder 1
  • Sentence Builder 2
  • Sentence Builder 3
  • Dragon Box
  • Penguin Leveled Reader