Terms and conditions

Useful Contacts

Department of operations:
Rosselin Rodriguez (mobile, 24 hours): +51 984 93 81 46 (English and Spanish spoken) e-mail: [email protected]  
Orquidea Orellana (24 hrs): +51 959-00 68 99 (English and Spanish spoken) e-mail: [email protected]

Office: To dial from abroad: +51 (84) 24 04 24

Terms and Conditions


We accept bookings by e-mail together with a deposit of 30% of the total package price per person paid into our bank account. Once we have received your reservation details and the deposit payments then your confirmation will be sent to you, which will include: confirmation of your trip; pre-departure information; and a receipt for the payment received. Last minute bookings should be paid in FULL. All reservations must include the necessary information as listed below (It is the client’s responsibility that all the personal and flight information is correct):

Please complete and send the following details for each traveler:

  • Name (as written in your passport):  
  • Passport number:
  • Date of birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Home address:
  • Work address:
  • Home phone number:
  • Work Phone number:
  • Mobile number:
  • Emergency contact for duration in Peru:
  • Contact phone number:
  • Contact email:

Each client has to send his/her personal information correctly. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L is not responsible for erroneous data and any difficulties, cancellations or additional charges that may arise.

To coordinate your transfers in Lima we also need to know your international flight details:

  • Arrival date:
  • Arrival time:
  • Flight Company:
  • Flight-number:
  • Departure date:
  • Departure time:

Each client is responsible for sending the correct arrival and departure times of his/her national and international flights to Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L in order to arrange their transfers.
Any errors in booking data or incorrect information of arrivals will be only the responsbility of the client.

Large Groups (8 or more passengers):

Please send us a preliminary list of all the passengers in the group, at least 60 days before the arrival and the final list 45 days before the arrival.


Please send a list of all the passengers at the time of making your reservations.

RESERVATION CHANGES Any changes in reservation details (number of passengers, tours, passport numbers) must be done at least 45 days prior to departure otherwise it may be subject to penalties for administrative charges.  

Payment (Groups):

A deposit of 50% must be received at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid 60 days before arrival.
All payments for groups are to be made to our bank account of BCP in Peru via wire transfer.

Payment (Individuals):

A pre-payment of 30% must be received at the time of booking. The full payment of the program must be done 60 days before arrival. If the reservation is made less than 60 days before the trip departure then the total price must be paid at the time of booking. 

If the payment is NOT received within 48 hours of making the reservation then Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Bank details:

Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L -  BANCO DE CREDITO DEL PERU
Account Number USD $: 002-285-002571113134-59

Prices are in USD $ and per person. Prices are subject to changes without previous notification. All prices will be confirmed by mail along with the final version of your travel program.

Prices do not include:

  • International and domestic flights.
  • Any travel visa expenses.
  • Tips.
  • Any additional services.
  • Airport taxes.
  • Excess luggage.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Insurance -  We recommend to all passengers to have travel insurance. 

Reservations of flights:

  • Reservations of international and domestic flights are subject to 100% payment immediately upon confirmation of reservations.
  • Cancellations of airline tickets are according to the cancellation policies of the specific airline you will use for your flights. In case of cancellation or flight changes, Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L will charge USD $25.00 for each ticket for administrative fees.

Last minute bookings (30 days or less before arrival)
Last minute bookings can be accepted under the conditions that hotels, trains, flights, tours and hikes can be altered and will depend on availability.
Payments for last minute bookings  are to be made to our bank account of BCP in Peru via wire transfer.

Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L will accept only written cancelations. E-mail your cancellation including your full name and date of travel and the reservation code of your tour.
If you do not receive our confirmation within 48 hours, call our office to make sure your cancelation was received. We will apply the terms of cancelation based on the date that we received your written cancelation.

  • Cancelations made between the booking time and 61 days before arrival will incur a loss of 20% of the total price.
  • Cancelations made 60 to 45 days before arrival will incur a loss of 30% of the total price.
  • Cancelations made 44 to 15 days before arrival will incur a loss of 70% of the total price.
  • Cancelation made 14 to 0 days before arrival will incur a loss of 100% of the total price.
  • A ‘no-show’ will incur a loss of 100% of the total price.
  • Cancelations of flights: Once payment is received, airline tickets will be purchased and are fully non-refundable. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L will charge USD $ 50.00 per administrative fees for any ticket change, additionaly to any costs charged by the airline.


Cancelation policies for the 2 and 4 day Inca Trail programs:  
NOTE: This cancelation policy only applies for the 2- and 4-day Inca Trail programs:  

Cancelations of Inca trail and other treks:
Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L needs to buy non-transferable/non-refundable Inca trail permits for clients but also trek-staff (porters, cooks, chefs and guides) therefore our cancelation policy for the Inca Trail is as follows:

  • Cancelations made between the booking time and 31 days before departure will incur a loss of 50% of total price.
  • Cancelations made 30 to 15 days before arrival,will incur a loss of 75% of the total price.
  • Cancelations made 14 to 0 days before departure will incur a loss of 100% of the total price.
  • A ‘no-show’ will incur a loss of 100% of the total price.


Changes and Refunds

  • Passengers, who voluntarily give up any service included in the program will not receive any kind of refund. 
  • Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L reserves the right to alter the program.
  • Changes to  existing reservations, for whatever cause, will incur a $50 administrative fee per person plus any additional supplier fees. This includes name changes* and removal of any services such as optional tours and transfers.
  • Name changes to airline reservations are subject to full cancellation and rebooking. 

Airline Name Changes:

  • Any name change including minor spelling corrections may require airline reservations to be canceled and rebooked. Reservations are subject to current availability and pricing at the time of rebooking. Penalties according to the airlines policies.
  • Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L will charge USD $ 50.00 for administrative fees for any ticket change 
Late Payment
  • If there is any outstanding balance by the Final Payment Due date listed on your invoice, all travel services will be subject to automatic cancellation.
    A service reinstatement fee of $50 will be added to your invoice and must be paid in advance in order to apply for reconfirmation of services.

Damage and Replacement fee for rentals and use of equipment during hikes
All camping equipment must be returned organized, clean, dry, and in the same condition as when it was loaned. Upon return of the equipment, the condition of the equipment will be inspected. The Renter shall be liable for any damage that occurs to the equipment while in his/her possession and use. The extent and existence of damage to the equipment will be determined at the sole discretion of the equipment manager of Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L. If any part of equipment is damaged, lost, and or rendered permanently unusable, Renter will be charged the full replacement price. If a part is broken or lost and can be replaced, the cost of the part will be assigned as a damage fee.

We DO NOT provide any travel insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain adequate personal travel insurance before coming to Peru.
The insurance must include personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of personal effects, repatriation costs and any other expenses which may arise as a result of loss, damage, injury or inconvenience to the client.
We STRONGLY recommend to include coverage in case you need to cancel your holiday.
If you are planning to participate in any activity considered "risky" by the insurance company e.g. trekking, climbing, rafting, etc. - make sure that these are included in your Policy. Please bring a copy of the Policy Document with you.
If a client gets sick while travelling, we will do all that is necessary to get them the proper treatment, including evacuation from the mountain and hospitalization if necessary; BUT THESE COSTS WILL HAVE TO BE ASSUMED BY THE INDIVIDUAL CLIENT.


You MUST be in general good health condition to join any of our trips. Our tour leaders and Guides are authorised to disqualify any client who they believe is unfit for the demands of the trip. - In this instance Refunds WILL NOT be given. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L provides a comprehensive First Aid Kit for each trip, however it is the responsibility of each client to bring whatever specific medications they need. We will also send you a suggested Personal First Aid Kit list with your pre-departure information. 

Minimum number of Passengers

In the case we are not be able to reach the minimum of 4 people for the 4-day Inca Trail we will still buy the Inca trail permits and your group will be operated by Chaska tour guides. The only difference in service is that transport and meals are shared with other operators.

Return train to Cusco

We include the trian tickets as indicated on you reservation .The Vistadome, Expedition and Inca Rail services no longer run directly to Cusco central Station and a transfer is required from Ollantaytambo or Poroy to Cusco city. We provide you with a transfer from Ollantaytambo or Poroy station to your hotel.
During the high season the trains are fully booked, therefore we might have to reserve the Expedition, Vistadome or Inca Rail service in a different schedule, which only runs between Aguas Calientes and Ollantaytambo station and from  after which you will continue to Cusco city by bus (included in the price). Private transportation to Cusco to your hotel is available as upgrade at additional cost.

Visit our office

Unless we have previously arranged to meet you, you will need to visit us at our office once you arrive to Cusco. We will need to go through certain details with you and also take the details of your hotel/hostel in Cusco.

Customers doing a trek

If you are doing a trek with Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L then you will need to pay the final balance 60 days before the trek departure. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L reserves the right to cancel your trek if you fail final payment and fail on meeting for a briefing at our office in Cusco.

Trip Changes

Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L reserves the right to make changes to any program itinerary or to cancel a trip if the safety of our Clients or Staff is at risk. In this case a refund of all unused payments will be made.

Limited Responsibility

Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L is not responsible for additional expenses caused by loss, theft, injury, damage, accident, malfunctions, cancellations, delays or any other unforeseen events. Please note that itineraries are subject to change or cancelation due to unforeseen and unusual events beyond the company’s control including weather conditions, flight delays, buses & train problems, political disputes or similar. We will do our best in these circumstances to re-accommodate you to your best interests. All such losses or expenses will be the responsibility of the customer - we therefore recommend having Insurance with cover for any of the events mentioned above. Any unused activities or benefits, which are included in your package, are non-refundable.

Changes by Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L​
Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L reserves the right to change prices at any time of flights, accommodations and tours or other arrangements.



Personal documents Passport, visa, health requirements and travel insurance is responsibility of the client. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L recommends obtaining travel insurance against cancellation and medical coverage.

Taxes Rates are listed in American Dollars and include taxes and service charges for Non-residents in Peru. Peruvian passengers are only required to pay 18% taxes on hotel accommodation. 

Money  On arrival in Peru it is a good idea to exchange American dollars so that you have Nuevo soles. Although most places accept both US dollars and Nuevo soles it is better to have local currency. It is also important to know that in most exchange houses do not accept even the slightest damaged or marked US dollar bills.  

Health advisory  Machu Picchu is at high altitude, between 2600mtrs (8,500ft) and 2900mtrs (9,500ft) and the visit requires medium to sometimes-active physical activity. Participants should be fit and in good condition to participate and visit the Sanctuary. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L recommends consulting your physician in case you have any doubts about your health before traveling to Peru. 

Tips for altitude  Cusco is at a high altitude of approximately 3600mtrs (11,811 ft). It is important to have a medical check before coming to Peru - consult your doctor about altitude sickness pills. On arrival to Peru it is important to take 2 days to acclimatize and to rest on the first day as much as possible, eat lightly and drink 2 liters of water or electrolyte drinks like Gatorade. If you are short of breath and feel signs of altitude sickness ask your hotel receptionist to provide oxygen. Having 15 minutes of oxygen makes a big difference. Sleeping with a couple of cushions under your head also helps. 

Seat Belts Under the Peruvian law 027-2006-MTC Front seat passengers must be wear their seat belts at all times.  Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L strongly recommends that all passengers wear their seat belts at all times were possible. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L and associates are not responsible for verbally suggesting the application of seat belts. It is passenger’s responsibility. 

Peru Rail

Luggage Policies & Identity Requirements Peru Rail changed its policies regarding luggage: 01 bag or backpack must not exceed 5kg/11pounds or 62 inches/157cm (length + height + width).  This means you should bring along a small backpack to Machu Picchu. You can leave your main luggage at your hotel or at our Cusco office. We have noticed that it is possible to exceed the mentioned weight and measures at some degree, but it is not possible to bring large suitcases. Inversiones Turísticas Chaska E.I.R.L can provide duffle bags at no cost, which are to be returned after using and which can also be purchased at $ 20.00 each.

All luggage exceeding the dimensions described above, can be transported on a luggage car available at:
Ollantaytambo – Machu Picchu train 501:  Dep.:  08:53hs Arr.: 10:23hs

Machu Picchu – Ollantaytambo train 504: Dep.: 16:22hs Arr.: 18:01hs 

Up to 10Kg - NO CHARGE From 11 kg US$ 1.80 (including taxes) per kg
Storage at Ollantaytambo: - Monday to Sunday 07:00hs to 19:00hs - Service Price: US$ 5.00 including tax (per day or less), per bag.  

With the growing importance of security worldwide within the transport sector, as of April 15th, 2007 Peru Rail will require that each passenger boarding a train service must submit their train ticket or identity card (original) or photocopy.  Without this the passenger will not be able to board the train (SUNAT Resolution 156-2003-SUNAT, Tributary Code).  For passengers’ safety, Peru Rail reserves the right to verify these documents on board, or through the police if deemed necessary (Law 28366).


Phone numbers

In case of emergency after hours for delayed or canceled flights or missed transfers or anything else unfortunate that could possibly occur which interrupts the flow of the stated itinerary please call immediately to Rosselin who is coordinating all reservations and transfers on +51 984 93 81 46