Expedition to Choquequirao and Machu Picchu


This expedition leads to the lost city of Choquequirao and continues to Machupicchu. Along the trek, we will enjoy panoramic views of spectacular mountains with glaciers and ice flutes. We will continue onward to pass through cloud forests and a number of small Andean communities.
9 days – 8 nights
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Cusco - Cachora - Chiquisca

Chiquisca - Choquequirao

Choquequirao - Pinchaumuyoc

Pinchaumuyoc - Maizal

Maizal - Yanama - Qiswarpampa

Qiswarpampa - Totora - Colcapampa

Colcapampa - La Playa

La Playa - Lucmabamba - Hidro electrica - Aguas Calientes

Visit Machupicchu - Return to Cusco


Trekking, flora and fauna; archeology


Apurimac and Machupicchu Sanctuary

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May – October

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from 3937 to 13779 feet / from 1200 to 4200 meter

We will depart from Cusco in the early morning to travel by road to the small village of Cachora.
On arriving in Cachora, we will be met by our mule drivers. With the great Salkantay massif across the canyon, we will head along the edge of the Apurimac canyon with the river almost 2000 mts (6,561 ft) below. About halfway through the day, we will begin the winding descent to our first campsite, Chiquisca.
(10 km – 6.2 mi / 5 hour trek approximately)
Lunch and dinner included.

Today, we will make the steep 1800 mtr (5,905 ft) ascent to the ruins of Choquequirao. The path will lead us through dense cloud forest for about two hours before we will finally catch our first view of the citadel on a ridge ahead of us. Another two hours of walking with Choquequirao constantly in sight leads us to our destination. Here, we will have the rest of the day to relax, explore the ruins and, hopefully, see some condors. That night, after an unforgettable sunset and a good meal, we will camp close to the ruins.
(10 km – 6.2 mi / 7 hour trek approximately)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

An early wake up will give us the opportunity to see the sunrise over Choquequirao. We will climb the Usnu, where we can enjoy majestic views over Choquequirao. Tea and coffee will be served. Then, we will return to the campsite for breakfast. Then we have plenty time to discover newly-excavated sections of the ruins. We will explore the site until lunch. After lunch, we will continue our hike through the dense cloud forest. After approximately 4 hours on foot, we will reach our next camping site, Pinchaumuyoc, another Inca ruin which still waiting to be excavated.
(5 km -3.1 mi / 4 hour trek approximately)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

From Pinchaumuyoc, we will follow a steep and narrow trailhead for two hours before arriving at the bottom of the canyon. Here, we must cross the river–which can be something of an adventure. After crossing the river, we will break for a refreshing plunge into the water and enjoy the surrounding view. Then we will continue for about four hours walking uphill In the afternoon, we will arrive at our campsite for tonight, Maizal. At Maizal, we will enjoy the amazing scenery of snowcapped mountains all around us.
(6 km -3.7 mi / 7 hour trek approximately)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

After an early breakfast, we will ascend toward Mina Victoria. On this part of the Inca Trail, we will pass through lush and dense cloud forest while enjoying spectacular views along the way. The abandoned Silver Mines of Victoria were used during the Inca and colonial periods. Along our hike to Qoriwayrachina, we will follow the well-preserved Inca Trail. The pass (3900 mts / 12,800 ft )this is a good place for a break, as it offers stunning views of the surroundings. After the pass, our descent begins to the small village of Yanama, where we will pause for lunch. From Yanama, it is another 3 hours over a flat section of trail to our campsite near Qiswarpampa.
(12 km – 7.5 mi / 9 hour trek approximately)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Our trail starts with a gentle walk through the Yanama valley before we reach Qyuiswar pass (4200 mts / 13,700 ft). It can be windy and chilly on the pass, so it is a good idea to bring some warm clothes and a pair of gloves for this part of the trek. Once across the pass on a clear day, we can admire striking views of Mount Humantay and Mount Salkantay. Descending along the Inca trail, we will finally arrive at Colcapampa, our campsite for tonight. At short walking distance (about 20 minutes), we can relax in the hot springs, a warm welcome after a long day of hiking.
(10 km – 6.2 mi / 8 hour trek approximately)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

From Colcapampa, as we enter the cloud forest, the vegetation becomes lush and dense along the trail. Most of the trail today will slowly descend, providing us a relaxing walk along the riverside. On the way, we will pass farmers, small coffee plantations, and a variety of tropical fruit trees. In the afternoon, we will arrive at La playa, where lunch is served. La playa will be our campsite for the evening. (11 km – 6.8 mi / 8 hour trek approximately)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

In the early morning, we will begin our last day of trekking on the Inca Trail. After traversing dense cloud forest for approximately one  and a half hours, we will arrive at Lucmabamba pass. Leaving the pass, we have we have our first opportunity to see Machupicchu in front of us. After a relaxing break, we will descend to the Urubamba valley, passing along a footbridge and arriving in the early afternoon at the hydroelectric plant and its small railway station. At the plant, we will have lunch served at one of the restaurants along the railway station. In the afternoon, we will take the short train ride to Aguas Calientes, where we spend the night in a hostal.
(8 km – 5 mi / 6 hour trek approximately)
Breakfast and lunch included.

We will take the first morning bus to Machupicchu, which allows us to arrive before the first groups of tourist coming from Cusco by train. We will spend a full day with a guided tour of the Sanctuary of Machupicchu, and if time allows we can walk to the Inti Punku, the Sun gate.
In the afternoon, we will descend by bus to Aguas Calientes, then return to Cusco by train. We will arrive in Cusco in the evening, and transfer you to your hotel of choice.
Breakfast included.


Pickup at your hotel

Professional bilingual (Spanish / English) guide in Private Service

Private transport to Cachora

Entrance fee to Sayhuite

Entrance fee to Choquequirao

Mules to transport equipment and personal luggage

Wranglers responsible for the horses

Emergency horses

A Cook to prepare all meals.

Cooking equipment, mess tent, dining tent, chairs, tables, accommodation for the wranglers and cook

Mountain Hardwear tents (a 3-person tent for every 2 individuals)

Therm-a-Rest self-inflating mattress

Meals: 9 breakfasts, 8 lunches and 7 dinners; food suited for trekking and rich in carbohydrates.

Boiled water provided at meal times to refill your water bottle

Train from the Hydro Electric plant to Aguas Calientes

Hostel in Aguas Calientes

Entrance fee for Machupicchu

Roundtrip bus from Aguas Calientes to the Machupicchu Sanctuary

Expedition train from Aguas Calientes to Cusco

Transfer from the train station to your hotel.

First aid kit, emergency oxygen, radio communications, satellite phone

Not Included

Sleeping bag

Water purification tablets

Tips for the wranglers, cook and guide

Dinner on day 8 and lunch on last day